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Harvard and Georgetown No Longer Requiring 3 SAT Subject Tests

Posted 2021-07-11

Harvard and Georgetown, the last two remaining colleges to require 3 SAT Subject tests, have dropped the required third test, meaning that no 4-year American college now requires that its applicants take more than two of these tests. Keep Reading

How to Interpret your SAT Scores

Posted 2021-07-11

Helpful resources for comparing one's SAT Score Percentiles. Keep Reading

SAT vs. ACT, GRE vs. GMAT, SAT Subject Tests and the Percentile Paradox

Posted 2021-07-11

Brian breaks down the mystery of score percentiles on the SAT Subject Tests, SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT. Keep Reading

Breaking News: College Board Releases 4 New SATs

Posted 2021-07-11

The College Board has released 4 Full-Length New SATs. These SATs are in the style of the new test beginning March 2016. Keep Reading

October PSAT vs. October/November/December SATs for Juniors

Posted 2021-07-11

Brian discusses why it still makes sense for high school juniors to take the October PSAT, and why it now (because of the change in the SAT score reporting policy) also makes sense for them to take the October, November and December SATs. Keep Reading

Breaking News: The College Board Implements "Score Choice" for all SAT Tests, starting in 2009!

Posted 2021-07-11

Big news, everyone : The College Board, maker of the SAT, has announced that it will now allow students to hand-pick the scores they would like to send to colleges, just as the ACT does. This is great news for students, because it means that they can take their SATs as many times as they like, without fear of having one or two bad scores on their score report. Keep Reading

May SAT scores now available online / Summer is Almost Upon Us

Posted 2021-07-11

Hello everyone, Wow, it’s been a long, eventful and exhilarating school year! When I first started tutoring the SAT 10 years ago, people thought of tutoring as a job for college kids looking for some extra pizza money, something you did to help your kid get his or her homework done more quickly. But over time, the tutoring profession is quickly becoming more and more respected as someting much more than that; it is now an essential part of the college-prep process. Parents finally seem to ... Keep Reading

October 2021 US SAT - Reddit Discussion Thread

Posted 2023-09-04

If you took the 10/2/21 SAT, then check out this discussion thread on Reddit's controversial r/SAT subreddit for detailed, anonymous discussion about the exam. Keep Reading

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