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May SAT scores now available online / Summer is Almost Upon Us

Hello everyone,

Wow, it’s been a long, eventful and exhilarating school year! When I first started tutoring the SAT 10 years ago, people thought of tutoring as a job for college kids looking for some extra pizza money, something you did to help your kid get his or her homework done more quickly. But over time, the tutoring profession is quickly becoming more and more respected as someting much more than that; it is now an essential part of the college-prep process.

Parents finally seem to be catching on to the fact that private education through tutoring is of the very best ways to prepare one's child for college, and that the cost of tutoring with a true professional with is well worth the expense. After all, what greater investment is there than your child's education?

Every day, our fine team of tutors helps prove that notion correct by providing some of the best high school tutoring, college consulting and test prep nationwide. And although I consider myself one of the country's premier SAT/ACT prep experts, I'm still excited to know that I will always find something new to learn, a teaching method to improve, or a new technology to utilize and introduce to my students and tutors. That being said, I can't wait for the lazy days of summer and the "battery recharge" that this season provides for students and their teachers. I'm sure my students and their parents feel the same way! Everyone needs to take a break now and then, especially high school juniors, who may well be the most overworked age bracket in the country.

There are so many facets to one's education, and I readily acknowledge that test-prep is only one small part of the learning process. I encourage all of my students to take full advantage of their summers by pursuing their true passions, whatever those may be, while still making sure to read enough books and study enough to stay sharp in time for September.

To all my San Diego, CA students: I will be in Rhode Island for the months of June and July, so you'll have to reach me by phone or email. However, the office will remain open during business hours, and the vast majority of our tutors will still be available for lessons. As for me, I'll resume scheduled appointments when I return to San Diego in August.

So back to the initial purpose of this posting: the long wait is over, and the vast majority of May SAT takers should be able to view their scores online at this point. For tips on how to interpret your score, please check my previous blog posting (directly below) announcing the arrival of March SAT scores. As for pesky SAT scores: most of you are either taking a sigh of relief right now or realizing that you've got your work cut out for you if you're going to get your scores where they need to be by the time you apply to schools in the fall. Either way, at least you know, and ALL of you should have at least one or two more opportunities to take the test in June or the fall of your Senior Year (October, November, December, and even January).

I hope that all of you performed well on the May test. But if you're disappointed with your score, just remember that this process is far from over, and you've got plenty of second chances to redeem yourself. Heck, one year I had a student who wasn't accepted off the wait list at his #1 choice college until a week before the start of college classes in September! It just goes to show that persistence pays off. So don't give up. But do take a break now and then and re-charge. :)

Well, that's it.  Have a wonderful summer, everyone. I'm going to be enjoying some down time with family and friends, working on the website, and sowing the seeds for an East Coast branch of McElroy Tutoring. I'll continue posting whenever I can, so stay tuned for updates. Oh, and one final thing: don't forget about the SAT / SAT Subject Tests on June 2nd and the ACT on June 9th!!



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