GMAT Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the Graduate Management Admission Test

Posted 2024-02-08

Everything you need to know about getting ready for the GMAT Focus Edition. Keep Reading

The New GMAT Focus Edition is Here: Everything You Need to Know

Posted 2024-02-01

November 7th, 2023 : the new GMAT Focus Edition has arrived! It's one hour shorter, has no essay, Sentence Correction, or geometry, is scored from 205-805, and the new IR section—now called "Data Insights"—counts toward your composite score. You can even go back and change up to 3 answers! Section sub-scores range from 60 to 90. Keep Reading

The 2023-2024 edition of the GMAT OG (Official Guide) will be released on June 7, 2023.

Posted 2023-12-14

The 2023-2024 GMAT Official Guide is finally on the way—albeit nearly a year late. Keep Reading

The scoring curve on the real GMAT is different from that of the GMAT Official Practice Exams.

Posted 2021-10-05

Yes, the 6 GMAT Official Practice Exams (each of which can be reset twice) are the most realistic practice exams on the market. However, the scoring of these exams is less reliable, and most test-takers will find the real GMAT to be a bit harder, especially on the high end of scores. Keep Reading

Helpful Links to Free GMAT Preparation Resources

Posted 2021-07-13

Dozens of helpful links to free learning materials that will aid you along your GMAT prep journey. Keep Reading

My 700+ GMAT score guarantee is now a GMAT Focus 645+ score guarantee.

Posted 2023-12-22

For select GMAT Focus private students, I will agree to a 645+ score guarantee. Keep Reading

Why is there only one verified perfect 800 GMAT scorer in the world, and why is that score from all the way back in 2015?

Posted 2022-07-19

Using the admission stats for the Harvard Business School class of 2022 to argue that scoring a perfect 800 on the GMAT (which requires that you answer all 58 counted questions correctly) is a rare feat indeed, even for those who are capable of achieving such a score on their best / luckiest day. Keep Reading

Why the TTP (Target Test Prep) GMAT Verbal component is Overrated

Posted 2022-07-18

The Target Test Prep online self-study / subscription program is legendary for Quant, but its new Verbal component is not all it's cracked up to be. Keep Reading

The 5151 Podcast, Episode 4: Decoding (and Leveraging!) the GMAT's Adaptive Scoring Algorithm

Posted 2021-07-11

Brian explains the wacky, adaptive scoring algorithm on the GMAT, where questions at the beginning matter more to your total aka composite score than do questions at the end—especially on Quant, which is heavily front-loaded / lopsided. Keep Reading

The 5151 Podcast, Episode 2: Why GMAT OG Explanations are so Awful

Posted 2021-07-11

You can't trust GMAT Official Guide (OG) explanations, even though the book is the best source of realistic practice questions. Here's why. Keep Reading

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