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5 Free Downloadable SATs and a Sneak Peek of the New PSAT.

Hi Everybody,

Did you know that in addition to the Official SAT Study Guide, which contains 10 real practice SATs, you can download another 5 tests online for free?  Without further ado, the links:

2004-2005 SAT - Test with Answers
March 2005 SAT - Test with Answers
October 2005 SAT - Test / Answers
January 2006 SAT - Test / Answers

You can also download this year's free practice SAT at

Or, if you are preparing for the New SAT debuting in March of 2016, then you might want to try the New PSAT, which adds a few quirks (longer reading passages, a longer essay with a different focus, slightly different question types, math questions where calculators are not allowed, more emphasis on punctuation, etc.) to a mostly familiar test format.

2015 PSAT - Test / Answers



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