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Why you Can—and Can’t—Trust Reddit for Advice on the Digital SAT, PSAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, & GMAT

Posted 2024-03-10

12/31/23 : Google + Reddit is a powerful combination for test-prep news and information — if you know which "subreddits" to trust. Keep Reading

Rest in Peace, Paper SAT (1926 - 2023): the Digital SAT (DSAT) is here to stay.

Posted 2023-12-14

As of 12/2/23, the SAT is now 100% digital—with the exception of students with accommodations, who are still allowed to take a "linear" (nonadaptive) version of the digital exam on paper. Say goodbye to the SAT, and hello to the DSAT! Keep Reading

The New Digital SAT (DSAT) is Here: Everything You Need to Know

Posted 2024-02-29

The College Board has officially transitioned the SAT and PSAT exams to an all-digital, online format! The new "DSAT" is 1 hour shorter and section adaptive, which means that some test-takers will see different questions. The DSAT will also include an optional 50-minute essay section. Keep Reading

Class of 2024 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Selection Index Cutoffs for the PSAT and SAT

Posted 2024-02-20

As of September 2023, the class of 2024 statewide SI cutoffs have officially been leaked! This year's National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Selection Index cutoffs range from 207 (Commended, New Mexico, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming) to 223 (Washington D.C., New Jersey). Keep Reading

55 Official SAT PDFs & 96 Official ACT PDFs

Posted 2024-01-27

Free links to over 77 official SAT ("QAS") and PSAT exams—including 55 SATs in the previous format—and a comprehensive list of 96 released, official ACT ("TIR) practice exams, going all the way back to the 1990s. Keep Reading

How to Fix The College Board's SAT Leakage Problem

Posted 2022-02-21

If the College Board truly cares about the pervasive leakage of non-released, SAS (Student Answer Service) SAT exams, then it has three good options from which to choose : 1) write a new test every time, 2) switch to a computer exams in a controlled testing center, especially internationally, where exam forms are often re-used, and/or 3) openly release every leaked SAS exam to to the public. Keep Reading

SAT and ACT score calculator: estimate your score based on your perceived performance

Posted 2021-11-10

Use this nifty SAT and ACT score calculator to estimate your test score, based on your perceived performance. Keep Reading

PSAT Score Release Dates — and how to use a VPN to get your scores one day early.

Posted 2023-12-14

PSAT scores will be released to students by the College Board on December 6th and 7th, depending on where in the US you live. However, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to fool the College Board website into thinking you are in a different location, thus allowing you to view your scores on 12/6 no matter where you live. Keep Reading

National Merit Scholarship Alternate Entry via SATs: how does it work, and why is it unfair?

Posted 2021-08-13

THE 1520 PODCAST, EPISODE 1 : exploring the wacky world of Alternate Entry to the National Merit Scholarship Competition via SATs, as opposed to the usual PSAT route. Keep Reading

Best SAT tutor in the world? That's subjective, of course — but I'll take it.

Posted 2023-04-17

After 20+ years working full time in the test-prep business, I'm ready to stake my claim as the world's top SAT expert. Keep Reading

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