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Breaking News: College Board Releases 4 New SATs

I'm writing today with good news for high schoolers in the Class of 2017 and beyond:  you can now practice for the New SAT, which debuts in March 2016, using official SAT practice tests. 

The College Board has released 4 Full-Length New SATs.  These SATs are in the style of the new test beginning March 2016.  These are most likely the exact same 4 tests that will be released in the new SAT book (shown above) on June 30th. 

The good news:  they are official tests in the new style, the first of their kind.  The bad news:  after taking the tests, you will be able to determine raw score, but not your scaled score, since the College Board has yet to determine the curve for this new, 1600-point version of the SAT.   For more information on how the new test will be scored, see this PDF from the College Board. 

You can download the tests and answers directly through the College Board website, or you can login for additional practice resources at

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