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Breaking News: The College Board Implements "Score Choice" for all SAT Tests, starting in 2009!

Big news, everyone:  The College Board, maker of the SAT, has just announced that it will allow students to hand-pick the particular scores they would like to send to colleges, just as the ACT currently does.  This is great news for students, because it means that they can take their SATs as many times as they like, without fear of having one or two bad scores make a bad impression on colleges.   Instead, students will now be able to select their best SAT scores from one or more test dates, send only those scores to their selected colleges, and discard the rest of the scores as if they had never happened. 

In the past, the College Board's policy was to include ALL scores on their score reports, which meant that students could not afford to have a bad testing day.    Now, the pressure is off; feel free to take as many SATs as you like!  In fact, the more times you take the SAT, the better, since this increases your chances of earning a higher score. 

This policy does NOT apply to members of the class of 2009; however, it is effective for all members of the class of 2010 and later.  It also applies to the SAT Subject Tests. 

In my opinion, this is a very welcome, and overdue, development.  Kudos to the College Board for "seeing the light."

For more on this change, you can read the article on the College Board Web Site:



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