LSAT Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the Law School Admission Test

Posted 2023-02-01

A 5-Step Plan to prepare any student for the LSAT. Keep Reading

An Exhaustive List of all 102 (and counting!) Real, Official LSAT exams available from LSAC, including paper tests on Amazon, free PDF downloads, LSAT India tests, and even Kindle versions.

Posted 2022-09-01

An epic, comprehensive list of links to every version of every official LSAT that can be found for free or for purchase online, including links to as-yet unreleased exams. Keep Reading

Creative, renegade, long-term strategies for leveraging the LSAT's (and GRE's) 5-year validity / no maximum retake rules

Posted 2021-07-11

How to start taking the LSAT in your senior year of high school, and finish taking it as a freshman or sophomore in college. Keep Reading

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