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Class of 2023 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Selection Index Cutoffs for the PSAT and SAT

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As of yesterday, the statewide SI cutoffs have officially been leaked!  This year's National Merit Scholarship Selection Index cutoffs range from 207 (Commended, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming) to 223 (Washington D.C, New Jersey).

If you missed out becoming a on National Merit semifinalist, then don’t fret: studies have suggested that less than 50% of Ivy Leaguers are National Merit semifinalists, finalists, or scholarship winners.  To state the obvious, some of the 50 U.S. states are obviously far more competitive than others—and colleges will keep this in mind during the admission process. 

The main qualification for National Merit is a high PSAT score (out of 1520).  Thus, a high SAT score (out of 1600) will in most cases serve the same purpose. 

You can also rest assured that, unlike SAT and ACT scores, PSAT scores are not an official part of the college admissions process. In other words, including your PSAT score on your college applications is 100% optional. 

Best of luck on your PSATs, SATs, apps and beyond,


Alabama 212
Alaska 210
Arizona 214
Arkansas 210
California 220
Colorado 217
Connecticut 221
Delaware 218
Florida 216
Georgia 218
Hawaii 215
Idaho 215
Illinois 219
Indiana 214
Iowa 212
Kansas 214
Kentucky 212
Louisiana 213
Maine 215
Maryland 222
Massachusetts 220
Michigan 218
Minnesota 216
Mississippi 210
Missouri 213
Montana 207
Nebraska 212
Nevada 210
New Hampshire 213
New Jersey 223
New Mexico 208
New York 219
North Carolina 217
North Dakota 209
Ohio 216
Oklahoma 211
Oregon 216
Pennsylvania 218
Rhode Island 216
South Carolina 213
South Dakota 212
Tennessee 215
Texas 219
Utah 211
Vermont 213
Virginia 221
Washington 220
Washington, DC aka District of Colombia 223
West Virginia 207
Wisconsin 213
Wyoming 207
U.S. Territories / Commended 207
U.S. Abroad 223


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