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Dear Yelp: McElroy Tutoring is still open for business, serving students in San Diego & worldwide.

Posted 2022-11-09

Yes, McElroy Tutoring is still in business — and going strong as of April 2022. I have simply relocated my home office from San Diego to Colorado Springs. With remote learning, however, physical location has become irrelevant : I continue to tutor students from California, Colorado, and anywhere else in the world with an internet connection. So why can't I transfer my hard-earned, 50+ 5-Star Yelp and Google Reviews to my new location? Keep Reading

The College Board will officially debut its new Digital SAT (DSAT) and PSAT in 2023-24. Here's everything you need to know.

Posted 2023-03-13

The College Board will soon be transitioning the SAT exam to an all-digital format, starting with the March 2023 International SATs, then continuing on to the Fall 2023 PSATs, and finally the March 2024 US SAT (and beyond). The DSAT will be 1 hour shorter, and section-level adaptive, meaning that different test-takers will see different questions. In fact, a digital SAT pilot program has already begun! Keep Reading

How to Fix The College Board's SAT Leakage Problem

Posted 2022-02-21

If the College Board truly cares about the pervasive leakage of non-released, SAS (Student Answer Service) SAT exams, then it has three good options from which to choose : 1) write a new test every time, 2) switch to a computer exams in a controlled testing center, especially internationally, where exam forms are often re-used, and/or 3) openly release every leaked SAS exam to to the public. Keep Reading

GRE at home exam leaked on YouTube and Reddit, ETS and ProctorU to blame

Posted 2022-03-29

ETS and ProctorU must institute stricter test-security measures to prevent real GRE exam questions from being copied, leaked, and disseminated across the internet. Keep Reading

SAT and ACT score calculator: estimate your score based on your perceived performance

Posted 2021-11-10

Use this nifty SAT and ACT score calculator to estimate your test score, based on your perceived performance. Keep Reading

PSAT Score Release Dates 2021 — and how to use a VPN to get your scores one day early.

Posted 2021-12-06

PSAT scores will be released to students by the College Board on December 6th and 7th, 2021, depending on where in the US you live. However, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to fool the College Board website into thinking you are in a different location, thus allowing you to view your scores on 12/6 no matter where you live. Keep Reading

BREAKING: Class of 2022 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist SI Cutoffs have leaked.

Posted 2022-09-10

You read them here first. Now that semifinalist letters have been sent to principals and home schoolers, the Class of 2022 statewide Selection Index cutoffs (based off junior-year PSAT or alternate-entry SAT scores) for the National Merit Scholarship competition for all 50 US states—plus US Territories, US International, and Washington, D.C. aka District of Columbia—have officially leaked. Keep Reading

The scoring curve on the real GMAT is different from that of the GMAT Official Practice Exams.

Posted 2021-10-05

Yes, the 6 GMAT Official Practice Exams (each of which can be reset twice) are the most realistic practice exams on the market. However, the scoring of these exams is less reliable, and most test-takers will find the real GMAT to be a bit harder, especially on the high end of scores. Keep Reading

National Merit Scholarship Alternate Entry via SATs: how does it work, and why is it unfair?

Posted 2021-08-13

THE 1520 PODCAST, EPISODE 1 : exploring the wacky world of Alternate Entry to the National Merit Scholarship Competition via SATs, as opposed to the usual PSAT route. Keep Reading

How NOT to Study for the SAT Reading Section

Posted 2021-08-01

Pushing back against the ludicrous yet recently popularized notion that reading a bunch of great novels is the best way to prepare for the multiple-choice SAT Reading section. Keep Reading

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