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May SAT scores now available online / Summer is Almost Upon Us

Posted 2021-07-11

Hello everyone, Wow, it’s been a long, eventful and exhilarating school year! When I first started tutoring the SAT 10 years ago, people thought of tutoring as a job for college kids looking for some extra pizza money, something you did to help your kid get his or her homework done more quickly. But over time, the tutoring profession is quickly becoming more and more respected as someting much more than that; it is now an essential part of the college-prep process. Parents finally seem to ... Keep Reading

More Free SAT Notes 9/11/07

Posted 2021-07-11

I’ve been receiving very positive feedback from those of you who are downloading and studying my free SAT notes…thanks for the encouragement. It makes me want to keep giving them away!
As always, all explanations correspond to problems from the Official Guide to the SAT.
mcelroytutoring_satnotes_091107.pdf... Keep Reading

SAT Scores of Brian McElroy's private tutoring students average over 2000 points

Posted 2021-07-11

I'm happy to announce that for the first time ever, my March SAT students have averaged a score of OVER 2000 on their final proctored SAT practice tests (using only REAL SATs) at the McElroy Tutoring main office!Congrats to everyone, and good luck on the real thing on Saturday.High scorers included scores of: 2250 (99th percentile)2160 (98th percentile)2120 (97th percentile)2080 (96th percentile)2070 (95th percentile)2000 (93rd percentile)-Brian... Keep Reading

More Free SAT Videos - SAT Overview, Order of Difficulty, Scoring System, Vocabulary

Posted 2021-07-11

For more Free SAT-Prep videos please visit : http : // Keep Reading

The Good News Keeps Rolling In - McElroy Tutoring's first Harvard Admit, Highest SAT Scorer

Posted 2024-01-25

In the last two weeks McElroy Tutoring has had one student admitted to Harvard, and another scored 2370 on the SAT. Keep Reading

SAT Math - Page 463 number 17

Posted 2021-07-11

Another function problem (funny symbols like this are nothing but disguised functions). As you should with any function problem, remember to take this ONE STEP AT A TIME, to RE-WRITE THE DEFINITION OF THE FUNCTION and to STACK THE ACTUAL VALUES UNDERNEATH ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE EQUATION, following the model on the right side.
The goal of any “funny symbol problem” is to get rid of the funny symbols, ONE AT A TIME, so don’t set “1 arrow 2” equal to &l... Keep Reading

SAT Question of the Day - June 25, 2008

Posted 2021-07-11

FREE SAT PREP VIDEO : Brian McElroy conveys some good news about the SAT's score reporting policy, then explains how to solve an SAT Writing Question. Keep Reading

SAT Question of the Day - June 23, 2008

Posted 2021-07-11

FREE SAT PREP VIDEOS : Brian explains how to use the slope formula to solve math problems involving lines and coordinate pairs. Keep Reading

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