Why the TTP (Target Test Prep) GMAT Verbal component is Overrated

The Target Test Prep (TTP) online self-study / subscription program is legendary for Quant, but its new Verbal component is not all it's cracked up to be.

Instead, the core of any good GMAT preparation program is official GMAT questions, especially on the Verbal section, where the precise "flavor" of real GMAT questions is impossible to replicate consistently.

Thus, 3rd-party, imitation practice questions from companies such as TTP are often useless and sometimes even harmful. 

In addition, the program is incredibly long, burdensome, and most of all, over-complicated, often leading to "over-analysis paralysis" and lowered Verbal scores:

In short: the TTP Verbal practice component does not provide a realistic imitation of the GMAT, and the learning/theory component is too complex for a section that requires a more holistic approach.  Unlike the TTP Quant program, which is highly respected throughout the GMAT prep industry, the Target Test Prep Verbal program is unreliable, unrealistic, and unproven — especially for those seeking 40+ scores on Verbal.


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