My 700+ GMAT score guarantee is now a GMAT Focus 645+ score guarantee.

UPDATE, DECEMBER 2023: With the upcoming 1/31/24 retirement of the "classic" GMAT, and GMAT Focus score percentiles shifting drastically, my GMAT 700+ Guarantee has officially been replaced with a GMAT Focus 645+ Guarantee. 

(A score of 645 on the Focus is roughly equivalent to a score of 700 on the classic GMAT, according to the official GMAC score concordance table.)

Original Post, July 2021:

Did you know that I have taken the real GMAT 6 times — including the GMAT online — and scored 700+ every time, with personal bests of 770 composite, 50/51 Quant, 48/51 Verbal, 8/8 IR (2 times) and 6/6 AWA (4 times), with 3 consecutive 99% scores on Verbal?  More importantly, however, I’ve coached hundreds of aspiring business school students to significantly better GMAT scores over the last two decades, including scores of as high as 720 (94%), 740 (97%), 760 (99%, 770, 780, and yes, even the elusive perfect 800, with an average score improvement of over 120 points.

In fact, for select students, I will even offer a 700+ 645+ guarantee, where you purchase a minimum number of tutoring hours at a discounted rate, and only owe me the remainder / bonus if you do in fact achieve a 700+ score.

So far, over 80% of the students I have accepted into this program have in fact achieved a 700 GMAT / 645 GMAT Focus score or above—though I am admittedly picky about whom I select.

Yes, there are some requirements, such as a written contract and a decent starting score.  You must also agree to take the GMAT up to 3 times.

Contact me directly at / 619-889-2935 to hear more about my 645+ GMAT Focus score guarantee.




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