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The 1600 Podcast, Episode 1: Why it DOES make sense for some high-achieving students to take start taking the SAT in 9th or 10th grade

Posted 2021-07-11

Pushing back against the "conventional wisdom" that students shouldn't worry about—or begin taking—the SAT until the summer before their junior (11th-grade) years in high school. Keep Reading

The 5151 Podcast, Episode 4: Decoding (and Leveraging!) the GMAT's Adaptive Scoring Algorithm

Posted 2021-07-11

Brian explains the wacky, adaptive scoring algorithm on the GMAT, where questions at the beginning matter more to your total aka composite score than do questions at the end—especially on Quant, which is heavily front-loaded / lopsided. Keep Reading

The 5151 Podcast, Episode 2: Why GMAT OG Explanations are so Awful

Posted 2021-07-11

You can't trust GMAT Official Guide (OG) explanations, even though the book is the best source of realistic practice questions. Here's why. Keep Reading

The 5151 Podcast, Episode 1: Quant difficulty on the GMAT online vs. the test-center GMAT

Posted 2021-07-11

Brian addresses (and confirms) the widespread rumor that the GMAT online Quant section is wordier and more challenging than its test-center counterpart. Keep Reading

McElroy Tutoring Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates, Changes and Announcements

Posted 2020-09-29

Important updates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and its effects on the test prep / admissions landscape. Keep Reading

The QAS (Question and Answer Service) for the SAT, and the TIR (Test Information Release) for the ACT: What are they, and why do they matter?

Posted 2021-07-15

Breaking down the important details of the SAT's QAS (Question and Answer Service) and the ACT's TIR (Test Information Release). Keep Reading

LSAT Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the Law School Admission Test

Posted 2021-07-23

A 5-Step Plan to prepare any student for the LSAT. Keep Reading

An Exhaustive List of all 101 (and counting!) Real, Official LSAT exams available from LSAC, including paper tests on Amazon, free PDF downloads, LSAT India tests and even Kindle versions.

Posted 2021-07-11

An epic, comprehensive list of links to every version of every official LSAT that can be found for free or for purchase online, including links to as-yet unreleased exams. Keep Reading

My Top 11 SAT Prep Resources, Ranked.

Posted 2021-07-17

I'm a Harvard Grad, SAT/ACT perfect scorer, and professional SAT test-prep tutor since 2002. Below are my top 11 personal recommendations for SAT prep practice tests, strategy and learning books, online learning programs, videos, and the like : Keep Reading

I scored a Perfect 36 on the ACT.

Posted 2021-07-11

In April of 2018, on my 7th and final attempt at the ACT, I earned a perfect 36/36/36/36 score, with all 215 questions answered correctly. Keep Reading

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