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ACT Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the ACT College Entrance Exam

Posted 2019-05-22

A 10-Step Study Plan to Prepare any Student for the ACT. Keep Reading

GMAT Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the Graduate Management Admission Test

Posted 2019-05-22

A 10-step study plan to prepare any student for the GMAT. Keep Reading

GRE Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the Graduate Record Exam

Posted 2019-03-25

A 12-Step Study Plan to Prepare Any Student for the GRE. Keep Reading

SAT / ACT Percentiles and Score Comparison Chart (Updated for 2017-18)

Posted 2018-01-16

Helpful Tools to compare your SAT and ACT scores. Keep Reading

I scored a 750 on the GMAT (with the "Select Section Order" feature).

Posted 2018-07-09

Yesterday I scored 93%, 86% and 96% on the 3 sections of my GMAT exam (98% composite), and I can teach you how to do the same. Keep Reading

My GRE Score Report (337, 168 Q / 169 V, 5.5 AW)

Posted 2018-06-21

I scored 99%, 95%, and 98% on the three sections of my last official GRE exam, and I can teach you how to do the same. Keep Reading

A Perfect Score on the New PSAT is a...1520?

Posted 2018-07-12

The College Board had indicated that the new PSAT would be scored out of 1600 points, but it has recently reversed course and decided to make 1520 the highest score. It has also tinkered with the percentiles by scaling them upward, most likely in an effort to make the SAT a less intimidating test and to compete with the ACT, the College Board's rival exam. This is welcome news for those of you who are considering taking the new SAT! Keep Reading

GMAT Test-Day Tips

Posted 2018-06-27

Brian McElroy, a Harvard grad and 99% GMAT scorer, offers his expert tips for students about to take the GMAT computer exam. Keep Reading

10 Helpful ACT Math Calculator Programs for the TI Graphing Series of Calculators

Posted 2018-09-04

Help yourself ace the ACT Math section with the aid of your Texas Instruments graphing calculator and some basic programming skills. Keep Reading

The Top 10 ACT Math Formulas You've Never Heard Of (and 55 more).

Posted 2019-06-06

A comprehensive list of all 65 (and counting!) math formulas, definitions and concepts needed on the ACT, for students trying for the mythical 36/36. Keep Reading

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