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National Merit Scholarship Alternate Entry via SATs: how does it work, and why is it unfair?

THE 1520 PODCAST, EPISODE 1: exploring the wacky world of Alternate Entry to the National Merit Scholarship Competition via SATs, as opposed to the usual PSAT route.


-It's easier to earn a qualifying SI score on the SAT, because there are 240 available Selection Index points vs. only 228 on the PSAT.
-You can take the SAT up to 7 times and send your best scores, but you only get one shot at the PSAT.  
-Unlike last year, when any high-school junior who missed the PSAT *for any reason* was automatically eligible for Alternate Entry, the NMSC will likely return to the previous system, where an excuse and note from the guidance counselor and/or principal is required.

Errata: at approximately 4:52, I say that "you can score as low as 1500 out of 1620" and earn a perfect Selection Index (SI) score.  However, I meant to say "1520 out of 1600"—the SAT is obviously not scored out of 1620 points. 


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