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PSA: Scores from the June 4, 2022 SAT will not be available until July 13th.

What's wrong with this picture from the College Board website?

Despite the College Board's false claims that SAT scores are returned in "about 10 days" (in reality, it's usually closer to two weeks) for each test, the June SAT in fact takes a notoriously long time to score each year, in part due to delays caused by the scoring of May's AP exams — which are also written by the College Board.

So, how should your stay productive during the painfully long wait for your June 2022 SAT scores?

For every other test date (August, October, November, December, March, and May), I normally recommend simply taking a couple of weeks off from test prep to recharge and recover while you wait for SAT scores to arrive.  After all, you could have scored well enough that your SAT journey is over! 

However, 5 weeks is far too long to not be making forward progress — especially for incoming seniors, for whom college application deadlines are looming.  Therefore, I suggest that you use this extended waiting time to start brainstorming your list of colleges, as well as compose early drafts of your college admission essays.

Need some expert assistance with your writing?  In addition to test prep, I also specialize in admissions essay editing via Google Docs.

Have a great summer, and good luck with the June SAT score release on 7/13/22.  The next ACT is scheduled for July 16th, and the next SAT is scheduled for August 27th.  2022-23 Test Dates



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