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A Comprehensive List of All Unofficial, Third-Party SATs and ACTs Freely Available Online

Since I've already linked to free PDFs all of the hundreds of legal and publicly available QAS and TIR SAT and ACT exams from the College Board and ACT, Inc. in this post, I figured that now it's time to make a list of all the free third-party exams that are publicly available online.  If there are any others I should know about, then please alert me in the comments.

Please keep in mind that synthetic, third-party SATs and ACTs from private test-prep companies, which are sometimes excellent facsimiles of the actual exams, are still just that: synthetic, artificial tests that are often poor imitations of the real thing.  Depending on the source, you should take the correct answers, the scoring guides, and in some cases, even the subject matter being tested with a grain of salt, unless you also see the same types of questions on the real SAT or ACT.  I don't recommend using these exams unless you've already exhausted all of the official SAT, PSAT and/or ACT materials currently available. 

I would prefer not to get into the business of ranking these tests, as third-party tests are all flawed in slightly different ways.  If you have a third-party test link to recommend, then let me know, but I will check to make sure the test is realistic before posting.

Also please note that I have not posted any links to tests unless they are freely available online from the company who wrote them—I did not upload any of these tests myself, nor will I accept links to third-party tests from anyone except the content creator, for copyright and legal purposes.

Free, Realistic Third-Party SAT Practice Tests

1. Ivy Global Free Practice SAT #1 / Scoring

2. Ivy Global Free Practice SAT #2Scoring / Explanations

3. Princeton Review SAT #1

4. Princeton Review SAT #2

5. Princeton Review SAT #3

6. Princeton Review SAT #4

7. Princeton Review SAT #5

8. Princeton Review SAT #6

9. Princeton Review SAT #7

10. Princeton Review SAT #8

11. Magoosh Free Practice SAT

Free, Realistic Third-Party ACT Practice Tests

1. Ivy Global Free Practice ACTScoring / Explanations

2. Princeton Review ACT #1

3. Princeton Review ACT #2

4. Princeton Review ACT #3

5. Princeton Review ACT #4

6. Magoosh Free Practice ACT

Full answer keys for all 12 Princeton Review tests are here.

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