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I scored a perfect 340 on the GRE.

October 2020
: After nearly 20 years of tutoring the GRE — and a total of 6 official attempts — I am happy to report that I scored a verified perfect 340 (V170, Q170, AW 6) on the GRE at home. 

Having achieved my long-time goal of a earning a perfect score, I am officially taking this opportunity to retire from taking the exam.

As the great champion Ken Jennings once said of playing Jeopardy, taking the real GRE is a young person's game.  I'm 40 now, with a wife and three kids at home, and I'm simply getting too old for it.  Plus, I no longer have anything to prove on the GRE, having demonstrated my own abilities on the test beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

Though I've learned a great deal from taking the GRE so many times, I want to walk away from the exam at the top of my game, like Barry Sanders or Michael Jordan — the 1st retirement, not the 2nd one.  Besides, it's my students' GRE scores that matter the most, not mine. 

Speaking of my private GRE students: I've been a professional GRE tutor and instructor since 2002, and I can teach you how to get a great GRE score, too!

Contact me directly at or 619-889-2935 (call or text) to learn more.


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