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My GRE Score Report (337, 168 Q / 169 V, 5.5 AW)

The quest for a perfect 340 continues, but I'm happy with my most recent GRE scores: I scored 99% on Verbal (169/170), 95% on Quant (168/170), and 98% on Analytical Writing (5.5/6), for a 337 composite.

I've been tutoring the GRE since 2002, and I continue to take the test at least once every few years to stay sharp and up-to-date.  I can teach you how to get a great GRE score, too! 


UPDATE, JUNE 2020: After nearly 20 years of tutoring the exam, I am happy, excited and relieved to report that I finally scored a verified perfect 340 (V170, Q170, AW 6) on the At-Home GRE, and will be retiring from taking the test myself.


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