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Did you know that GMAT Club is a helpful resource for free GMAT preparation? I have maintained an active profile on the site since 2015, with over 1,000 posts and 2,000 "kudos" earned as of July 2023. 

Unlike many other well-known GMAT tutors who claim high scores but offer zero proof, I have also utilized GMAT Club's proprietary score verification system (green checkmarks above) to verify my own GMAT subscores of Q50 / V47, as well as my perfect score of 340 on the GRE.

I continue to post and comment occasionally on other social media websites such as Reddit, using alternate accounts — my original "SkypeTutor" account with over 75,000 karma and 300 Reddit awards was suspended in 2021, due to false reports filed by envious employees of competing test-prep companies, including the moderators of other popular test-prep subreddits.

I'm a 40 year-old Harvard grad & professional GMAT tutor.  I graduated college in 2002, but didn't start taking the GMAT until 2012.  Since then I have taken the GMAT 6 times and scored 700, 710, 730, 730, 750 and 770.  AMA.

Hi, I'm Brian R. McElroy aka SkypeTutor: test-prep expert, professional GRE tutor since 2002, verified perfect 340 GRE scorer (6/6 AWA), 99% LSAT (179) and GMAT (770) scorer, co-author of *GRE Vocab Capacity* & *Vince and Brian's Free GRE PowerPrep Explanations*, & Harvard graduate with honors. AMA.
From 770 to 710 to 730 to 700 to 750: I've taken the GMAT 5 times and scored in the 700s every time. AMA.
I'm Brian R. McElroy. Harvard grad (class of '02), 770 GMAT Scorer and Professional GMAT Tutor Since 2002. AMA.
The New, 23-Minute Shorter GMAT Debuts Tomorrow. Here are the Details.

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Finally, you also find me on Amazon, where I am one of the world's top customer reviewers: for example, you can check out my reviews of the 2022 GMAT Official Guide (OG) and the 2022 GMAT Official Guide Bundle for the "classic" GMAT, as well as my review of the  2023-2024 GMAT Official Guide Bundle for the new GMAT Focus Edition that debuts in November 2023.



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