GMAT Game Changer: Cancelled GMAT Scores No Longer Visible to Business Schools

Big news for business school applicants:  GMAC, the maker of the GMAT, has announced that test-takers who cancel their scores after viewing them will no longer see the dreaded "C" on their score reports.   This effectively means that you can take the GMAT as many times as you like, and have only your best score show up on your MBA application. 

In addition, if you choose cancel your score, then you will be allowed to retake the test after a 16-day time period instead of the usual 31-day period.   You will be able to view your scores before you decide whether to cancel, and any canceled scores can be reinstated within 60 days of cancellation. 

This is a very welcome development for those of you who are nervous about taking the GMAT for the first time:  it means you can cancel your scores as many times as you like, without worrying about what the B-schools to which you are applying will think.  These programs will only see what you want them to see: your best score.  (You are allowed to take the GMAT once every 16 days, up to five times per 12 month and 8 times total.)

The GMAC is calling this new policy the "score preview feature."  For more information check out this page from the GMAC website. 


source:  GMAC website


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