Which Colleges Require Both SAT and ACT scores?

Posted 2016-07-06

A lot of my students take both the SAT and the ACT, and are wondering what schools require both tests, all tests of one type, or some variation thereof. Here is a current list. Keep Reading

What is a Great Tutor Worth?

Posted 2016-06-30

Tutors, Money, and You. Keep Reading

5 Free Downloadable SATs and a Sneak Peek of the New PSAT.

Posted 2015-10-09

Links to 5 free downloadable SATs from the College Board, and the new 2015 PSAT. Keep Reading

SAT "Score Improvement Guarantees" -- and Why You Shouldn't Trust Them.

Posted 2015-09-30

The simple truth about "score improvement guarantees?" They are marketing gimmicks. Customers always love a guarantee, so most companies will offer them, but parents definitely need to read the fine print on these. Missing a class, a practice test or even a homework assignment can disqualify the student from the guarantee. Some companies will only guarantee any improvement from the first test to the last (so a paltry 10-point improvement would suffice, for example). Other companies will guarantee a larger improvement (usually around 150 points), but when the guarantee kicks in, all the student gets in return is a free one-day "refresher course." Keep Reading

Harvard and Georgetown No Longer Requiring 3 SAT Subject Tests

Posted 2015-09-30

Harvard and Georgetown, the last two remaining colleges to require 3 SAT Subject tests, have dropped the required third test, meaning that no 4-year American college now requires that its applicants take more than two of these tests. Keep Reading

McElroy Tutoring Featured in the San Diego Reader's "Best Buys" Column for its Affordable SAT Prep Courses

Posted 2015-09-30

Hello everyone,I'm happy to announce that McElroy Tutoring has been featured in the San Diego Reader's "Best Buys" column!For the full article, follow this link:http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2011/feb/16/Best-sat-prep/-Brian... Keep Reading

How to Interpret your SAT Scores

Posted 2015-09-30

Helpful resources for comparing one's SAT Score Percentiles. Keep Reading

SAT vs. ACT, GRE vs. GMAT, SAT Subject Tests and the Percentile Paradox

Posted 2015-10-07

Brian breaks down the mystery of score percentiles on the SAT Subject Tests, SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT. Keep Reading

Breaking News: College Board Releases 4 New SATs

Posted 2015-10-07

The College Board has released 4 Full-Length New SATs. These SATs are in the style of the new test beginning March 2016. Keep Reading

October PSAT vs. October/November/December SATs for Juniors

Posted 2015-09-30

Brian discusses why it still makes sense for high school juniors to take the October PSAT, and why it now (because of the change in the SAT score reporting policy) also makes sense for them to take the October, November and December SATs. Keep Reading

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