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We Write the Books on Test Prep.

I am often asked the question:  who writes the best test-preparation materials on the market?  Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, because these books vary widely in quality, even within companies.  Princeton Review, for example (the national test-prep company for whom I used to teach), publishes some helpful SAT prep materials and ACT prep materials, but their GMAT prep materials and GRE Prep materials are sorely lacking.

It is important to remember that no test-prep book is perfect, and that they often contain errors, misguided questions and/or typos.  These types of supplemental materials vary widely in quality, which is why our tutors prefer to use official materials and practice tests whenever possible.

Ultimately, the best test-prep books are those written by true experts in their field. So I took it as a compliment when Barron's, one of the world's major book publishers, recruited me to edit one of their practice ACT books (see attached letter).  In fact, many of our tutors have helped write educational materials for test-prep companies all over the world. 

So why should you choose a McElroy Tutoring tutor?  Because we write the books on test prep.



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