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GRE at home exam leaked on YouTube and Reddit, ETS and ProctorU to blame

Another day, another leak: this time it's a screen recording of a full GRE at home exam, which was leaked on both YouTube and Reddit's r/GRE subreddit.

Here's a (blurry) sample question from the exam as proof, just one of the 100 real, "live" GRE questions featured on the video. 

As of today, Friday 1/7/22, the video is still active on YouTube and already has 230+ views. 

Even worse, this video appears to be only the tip of the iceberg: the Reddit user who originally posted the leak claims to have access to "over 100 (real) GRE tests," not just the one full exam currently featured in the YT video.  Many of the sample real GRE questions this user has provided appear to be pictures taken from a simple hidden camera below the screen.  Again, I have blurred the images for copyright reasons.

For those of you doing the math, that's 100 x 100 = up to 10,000 unique, real GRE questions that are in imminent danger of being publicly leaked on the web — and that have surely already been leaked in private, for profit. 

ETS and ProctorU must immediately institute stricter test-security measures to prevent more real GRE exam questions from being copied, leaked, and disseminated across the internet. 

Otherwise, GRE scores will lose much of their legitimacy, and honest test-takers will continue to be disadvantaged by these sometimes simplistic, sometimes sophisticated international exam-hacking operations.

Happy new year, everybody.  Here's to a better and fairer 2022.





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