GMAT Focus Quizzes: Are they worth it?

Pricey, but worth it (don't bother buying all 9).

Wondering whether the GMAT Focus Quizzes (FQs), which cost more than $1 per question ($30 for 24 questions), are worth it?

Yes, the Focus Quizzes are worth it if you use them at the right time and wait until you are scoring highly enough on Quant--at least in the mid 40s.  The FQs are adaptive and come with (limited) diagnostics, including the time you spend on each question.
Although you can buy up to 9 Focus Quizzes at a time, you might start seeing repeat questions after the 4th test.

FQs are practically pointless if you aren’t at least scoring in the mid 40s on Quant already.  If you’re not there yet, then save the FQs for later. 

Somewhat frustratingly, FQs provide a score range instead of an actual score. 

Also frustratingly, there is some repeat between the FQs and other GMAC materials.



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