We know the ISEE.

Here at McElroy Tutoring, we’re aware that not many people have even heard of the ISEE exam (The Independent School Entrance Exam--often pronounced “I see”), let alone know how to tutor it.

However, our President Brian McElroy has been tutoring the ISEE since 2002, when he discovered that many area students were looking to prepare for this test.  As a result, we have a leg up on the competition when it comes to ISEE prep.  In fact, one of our tutors, Vince Kotchian, just finished writing an ISEE book (ISEE for Dummies)!

If you’re serious about getting into a good Independent School such as Francis Parker, Bishops, or La Jolla Country Day, then you need to do well on the ISEE.  We’ll help your student get there.


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