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My college consulting students have had tremendous success.  Here is a partial list of the colleges and universities where McElroy Tutoring admissions consulting students have been accepted:

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Stanford, Columbia, Williams, Amherst, Darmouth, West Point Military Academy, Cornell, UPenn, Middlebury, UCSB, USF, LMU, San Francisco State, Smith, Johns Hopkins, Emerson, McGill, USC, Wake Forest, Duke, William and Mary, Lewis and Clark, Vassar, United States Naval Academy, Lehigh, USD, UCSD, Pepperdine, Clark, Babson, Washington University, Davidson, Georgetown, NYU,  Fordham, U. of Virginia, James Madison, Tufts, Vanderbilt, Evergreen State, Boston College, Notre Dame, Boston University, St. Andrews, Bryant University, U. of Michigan, Northwestern, U. of Oregon, U. of Colorado Boulder, Santa Clara, Northeastern, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Purdue University, Claremont McKenna. 

Over the last two decades, my college consulting students have consistently found their way into top-notch colleges and been offered various scholarships, both athletic and merit-based (many of which far outweigh the cost of our services).  My students have been admitted to every Ivy League university, and nearly all of the nation's top 100 colleges.

Of course, my students deserve the lion's share of the credit for these stellar results. They did all the hard work--I just helped guide them along the way by providing them with test prep, private subject tutoring, essay editing, application reviews, and general admissions advice.

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