Test-Prep Classes & Group Discounts


Many of our tutors now offer Test-Prep Classes at various classroom and private locations (such as private homes or business offices) throughout the country.  When assembling their classes, your tutors will always seek to pair you or your student with other students of similar academic ability.

Would you prefer to take a class with your friends instead of strangers?  No problem.  Join together with friends of similar academic ability, and create a custom classroom course that's half the price of what the big companies charge (up to 77.5% off your tutor's standard hourly rate per student).

Although sometimes the tutor will provide his/her own classroom location, in most cases the client is responsible for providing the meeting space and assembling the group of students.   Most of our tutors will be happy to travel to the classroom / meeting location of your choice.  Please contact your tutor directly to make these arrangements.

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